Highly Optimized Milestone Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

Milestone XProtect® Inside

Hyperdrive is member of the Milestone System Builder Program, which means that all the Hyperdrive NVRs are shipped with Milestone XProtect 2019R2 pre-installed.

The Hyperdrive NVRs are approved and certified by Milestone following a rigourous reliability and performance test plan.

Hyperdrive support team will handle the first level of support for Milestone and the hardware, customers will benefit of a single point of contact for any VMS support issues.

Hyperdrive by Capsule Technologies

Built-in failover of Milestone XProtect® Management Server.

Hyperdrive is the first (and only) vendor to propose a transparent failover of the Milestone XProtect® Management server without the configuration of a complexe MS SQL redundancy plan or any additional license.

Thanks to a builtin real-time replication of the VM image of the XProtect® Management server, CAPS-OS enables an automatic failover at no additional cost.